How the use of a water softener has saved me considerable time and money around the house

Your home is your biggest liability for a number of reasons, but the one which always gets me is maintenance costs. It seems like it’s a never ending job when it comes to keeping your house in good shape, costing you money, and time in the process.
You will be happy to know that there are certain technologies that make house maintenance a little less painful, for example, have you go your hands on an automatic vacuum robot yet? It’s my duty to share what I’ve been benefiting from, and how you can too.
My latest discovery: The water softening system.

How I decided to install a water softener

One day while I was on all fours scrubbing the ever-so-present soap scum from my shower screens, I decided I’d had enough set out on a mission to find a cleaning product that would make the task easier and quicker. After a little research and a lot of failed product attempts (I won’t mention names) I was defeated; I could not seem to make the task easier.
During my last trip to Walmart, the cashier suggested that my problem was hard water, and that if I installed a water softener system, my problems would be gone. Was the solution really this simple? I came across and after reading some water softener reviews, made a decision to purchase a salt-based system.

What is a water softener?

A water softener is basically a machine which turns hard water (which is water full of minerals such as magnesium and calcium) into soft water (which is additive-free water). Hard water was my problem; it has a range of negative effects; it leaves soap scum ‘scale’ on all surfaces it touches and damages clothing among other things.

The technology that water softeners use

I went for a salt-based water softening system after discovering that they are the most effective from the 4 choices available. A salt-based system uses technology that exchanges hard water ions for soft water ions, leaving you with soft water in the process. Simple, yet brilliant!

Benefits and how it’s saving me money

Soft water has a range of benefits:

  • Reduces plumbing problems – hard water leaves mineral scale on the inside of your pipes and fixtures, which means after long enough they will become blocked and you will require an expensive visit from the plumber. Soft water, however, does not!
  • Less time and money dealing with soap scum- The soap scum marks you find in your showers and sinks, which was the bane of my existence, are the direct result of a reaction between soap and the minerals found in hard water. Once you have soft water, you’ll find you use less cleaning product and less time, when dealing with soap scum.
  • Appliance shelf life – Hard water will reduce the life of any appliance that uses heated water in its process e.g. dishwashers, hot water systems, and other appliances. I start each day with a fresh nutrient filled juice from my awesome juicing machine which I found at The juicer fanatics (who review the best juicers on the market). I sleep easier at night knowing hard water is no longer damaging my favorite appliances.
  • Softer clothing – Hard water has a terrible effect on clothes you wash with it; they become brittle and lose color. Soft water is ideal for washing your clothes in, and will actually make them last longer.

After about 6 months of running on soft water, I begun to notice considerable short term cost and time savings around my home. I’m yet to see the longer term benefits, but I suspect they will be huge; appliances will last longer and I will require less visits from the plumbing doctor. The best part of this technology is that its maintenance free; once installed, with minimal effort you can realize huge time and cost benefits for years to come.

Taking A Pregnancy Test While Travelling The World.

It’s pretty hard to find any one area of our lives that has not been affected by technology. There are just so many things which a few decades ago was the stuff of a James Bond flick or a sci-fi movie, and today, is a simple convenience that we almost take for granted. Look at emails for example, or skyping friends in different countries. Not too long ago this was stuff only James Bond could pull off with the help of his super gadgets. But we live in a world today where the most amazing technology is right at our fingertips. There are just so many ways that technology makes our lives easier.

And it’s not just the big inventions from Microsoft that have contributed to the simplicity of our daily existence, but there have been so many great little innovations that also deserve a mention. I love the way technology impacts upon the way my father manages his diabetes for example. Those little insulin tests are a brilliant at-home product that just makes his life so much simpler. And have you ever stopped to consider how brilliant a home pregnancy test is?

Last year my girlfriend and I were on holiday in Asia and she had a pregnancy scare. With no doctor around that she had a long standing doctor patient relationship with and trusted enough to consult and following an online pregnancy test calculator, like this, our nerves were soon calmed by her popping into a local drug store in Thailand and purchasing a pregnancy test. And within minutes the answer to our problem was solved.

Now that right there is a modern day technological innovation that we take for granted. I’ve heard though that most people (about fifty two percent of people) don’t really trust the first result that they get from a home pregnancy test. It seems that whenever someone takes one of these tests, they always feel the need to do a follow up test, and then visit a doctor for another test, “just to be sure”. Leading experts however, have gone on record stating that this is entirely unnecessary. Apparently the result you get from these types of home pregnancy tests are highly reliable, as outlined in this guide, and there is really no need for a follow up test for confirmation, as you can just go with that first result and take it as confirmed.

Have you ever wondered how these tests work? I mean think about it, how could these tests possibly come up with a correct answer as to whether you’re going to have a baby or not? Well the answer is scientifically pretty simple. Apparently once a woman is pregnant her body releases a hormone called hCG. Scientists advise that once the egg has been fertilized in the uterus a woman’s body will release this hormone. The at home pregnancy tests are designed to detect this hormone. If your test result is positive you will probably not need to confirm it, as the hormone is clearly present. If however your test result is negative, it may mean that the level of this hormone has not risen high enough to be detected yet, so negative results are less accurate. And that is how it works; simple but brilliant.

My Car and its Technology

Cars have come a long way when it comes to technology. In this article I want to highlight a couple of tech developments that we take for granted these days, and some new developments that some cars already have, but that are still not mainstream.

I’m not talking about the fact that cars have become increasingly safer (for the driver, the passengers, but also the pedestrians outside of the car). Nor will I talk about the increased fuel efficiency or the introduction of so called plug in hybrid cars.

This article is about four technical developments that have made my life behind the wheel a lot more comfortable.

Knowing How to Get There

Of course I’m talking about the introduction into mainstream car production of the navigation system. In the beginning they started out with only a sort of mechanical arrows that would point you in the right direction.

The more modern navigation systems of these days are much more advanced. Giving you real time traffic, and road construction information, plus the ability to suggest an alternative route. The last couple of years the maps have been better updated, and real time updates to the roadmaps are also a possibility.

Hands Free Of Course

With the introduction of cell phones came the mobility to talk to everyone everywhere. At first it did not seem to be a problem when you would drive and call someone at the same time. But subsequent studies showed that calling someone and holding our phone to our ear was distracting attention from the road.

Fortunately there was Bluetooth, and the connection was easily made. These days we have our phone in our pocket, get into our car, and the car immediately connects to the car radio system using the secure Bluetooth connection. Simple, but very efficient!

Adaptive Cruise Control

This is one of the more savvy new technologies in cars. These days you can find it in the more luxurious (family) cars. Cruise control has been around since the early 1950′s. But adaptive cruise control is new.

What it does is in fact simple, but very nifty. When your car is on cruise control, and the car in front of you tends to slow down, sensors in the front of your car detect the slowing down of the car in front of you.

Your adaptive cruise control reacts, and makes your car slow down as well. When the car in front of you increases its speed, your car will go back to the initially set maximum speed you had set before. All without you interfering one bit.

Listening to Whatever I Want

Ever heard of Stitcher? Stitcher is a platform that distributes so called Podcasts. iTunes does the same, and is currently the biggest competitor of Stitcher. You put either or both apps on your iPhone and you can listen to any Podcast you want.

But (and here it gets interesting) Stitcher has struck a deal with several big carmakers in the US to have their app technology built into the car radios of the carmakers’ cars. So soon you don’t need your iPhone anymore to listen to a podcast. You simply switch from radio to Stitcher in your car and you can listen to whatever Podcast you want. Nice!

The Future of Home Improvement is Now

Have you ever wondered how a geek takes on home improvements? With gadgets of course. Just recently I was looking at painting my basement, but let’s face it there is no way I’m going to grab a paint brush and start painting. There has to be an easier way to do this. With all the technology available to us I’m sure I can find something besides a roller that will make this job faster and easier. I saw a commercial on paint sprayers which really peaked my interest. I mean come on who can’t get into grabbing a can of paint and dumping it into a motor powered device that sprays paint at high speed onto walls, floors, and decks!

Leaving nothing to chance I went here to find paint sprayer reviews. Now, once I found a sprayer that would work for my needs I was off to picking out paints. Sure this is a gadget that is made to get a job done and to do it efficiently because it distributes the paint in a thinner more consistent coat. But it also feeds my inner child’s desire to play with things and spray paint on the walls in a chaotic manner. OK, so not really chaotic but it’s fun to use new tools to get a job done in a way that you can make seem more like a game than work. Even clean-up of these sprayers is quick and fun. Add water and spray your way around until the paint has been removed from the hose and the water runs clear. Now you’re ready to put the sprayer away until your next painting mission.

One of my favorite things about technology is how it can not only make a job easy but it can also add a new aspect to a common place item. Touch lamps for instance have always fascinated me, and now we have touch screen phones and tablets. The world of technology is an amazing place. I’ve been talking about remodeling my kitchen recently, and some of the things I’ve been looking at are high tech kitchen appliances with touch controls and smart technology. I was pretty impressed with the new touch controlled kitchen faucets as well. But let’s be honest having the best kitchen faucets are more important, had just the information I needed to determine how I would improve my water efficiency, reduce the possibility of faucet drip failure, and meet health standards for clean water.

Now, I’m starting to look at more and more gizmos and gadgets that feed my geeky self, while still being effective at what they were designed to do. Having a thermostat that you can program to set the temperature is old news, but what about an application on your phone that lets you control the temperature when you are away? Or a door lock that can be opened any time you send a text message to a specific number. Look out George Jetson the future is here!

How Technology Has Made Me a Better Stock Trader

I have used technology in so many ways to save money and I have shared many of these experiences on this blog. I also use technology to make money. You see I have been an active penny stock trader for quite some time and have recently become very good at selecting good small cap growth companies. I use E-Trade for my broker because of their low fees and thoroughly research the best penny stocks to buy at this website. Penny Stocks Buyers Guide is full of unbiased research about the risks and rewards of trading these risky shares and helps me decide which penny stocks to watch. It was on this website that I learned about where I found web technology which allows me to analyze my trades and watch streaming videos on how to trade stocks. I learned which are likely to rise more and which stocks are just a pump and dump scheme. There are two features of the site I like best, Watch and Learn and Analyze Your Trades.

Watch and Learn

The next best thing to getting in touch with a guru is watching other gurus talk about their strategies and successes. Before getting in contact with one of the gurus available on the site, you can get a good overview and professional inside tips on penny stock trading by viewing one of the many videos available for purchase. The videos come in DVD format, and some provide only streaming only. Those that prefer the DVD formats can have them shipped straight to their door, for immediate access choose one of the streaming options, such as the “Timline” stream that comes with over 14 hours of video from the PennyStocking conference in October 2012. Video series provide a good alternative to individual instruction or for those that want to learn more before spending the money on a guru.

The website offers instructional and information videos to help you learn about the basics of trading, learn tactics from the gurus, the rules of penny stock trading and information about specific industries. While the video series can be pricing and cost from several hundred to a thousand dollars for the content, the information received is well worth the cost of admission. There are also some cheaper options that cost less than a dinner for two, such as the “How to Make Money in Biotech Stocks” text designed to teach you the ins and outs of biotechnology trading. Benefit from the knowledge and success gained from real-world experience and professional traders that have taken the time to share their expertise. The money invested in a video series can more than make up for the time spent and money lost when attempting to jump into the industry blind. You can make money with penny stocks, and these books and videos will show you how.

Analyze Your Trades

Ultimately, it’s going to take some insights and data analysis to learn from your past investments and improve your future earnings. provides several options to manage and track your investments.

The free version is enough to get you started and learn from your past trades, but the Novice, Trader and Pro options can give you more control and insights into your investments. The free option provides you with the ability to verify your trades, track profits, comment on trades, get on leaderboards and interact with traders. Basically, this is the most basic plan you would want if trading is something you want to do as a hobby, or if you are testing the waters before diving in. The ability to verify trades and track profits can help you see your true progress, while commenting on trades and interacting with other members can provide a way to connect with the knowledge of the community and avoid making common mistakes early on.

The premium, paid versions of the analyze your trading subscription gives you more granular control. Depending on the plan you choose, you can get more information and make more informed decisions about how other people are doing and what trades people are investing in. In some cases, you may want to keep some of your trading information private, this is where the Trader and Pro subscriptions come into play. By making your data anonymous, you can ensure that you keep your privacy and prevent leaking crucial information that could negatively impact your position. Free and novice users don’t have the ability to create a private profile. The value obtained from having an option of getting a private profile can be worth the monthly subscription cost. Additionally, if you want to be able to analyze your personal trades and sort and filter your trades for quicker analysis, you will want to spend the money to get one of the premium subscriptions.

Phlebotomy Update: You May Have A Big Robot Rival

The interest in many medical careers has seen a surge in the past few years, and we’re not just talking about doctors and nurses. The health care field continues to grow; creating career branches that have never been seen before, as more and more work require specialization and training. One such career that is seeing an increase in demand and popularity is phlebotomy – and it’s seeing a lot of technological innovations, too!

Phlebotomy is a great career, with many benefits including the following: high demand, job security, opportunity to work with high technology equipment, good hours and competitive salary. These benefits are the reason why more and more people are trying it out in the field. If you are not familiar about phlebotomy, I highly suggest you visit this website for a comprehensive guide on phlebotomy and the training involved for this career.

Before you jump in the bandwagon and enrol yourself in a phlebotomy training course – wait up. Here’s one thing to consider: you might just have a big robot rival in the future.

Meet VeeBot

Yep, you read it right. You may have a big robot rival in the future, as recent developments by a tech start-up in Mountain View, California has produced a robot known as Veebot which can (and might eventually just) take the place of phlebotomists over time.

The routine for drawing blood is ever so familiar. First, you present your arm, then a medical technician wraps it in a tourniquet and looks for your vein. Most technicians get it right the first time, but in some cases it may require a second or third stick and a little bit of extra pain on your end.

Veebot was created in the hopes of automating blood drawing and IV insertion to help get things right the first time. This machine is a modified version of a standard manipulation arm, which has been customized with an image analysis software, allowing it to examine the vein and draw blood in one try.

A Little Back Story

This robot started out as a project by Richard Harris in 2009, back when he was still a third-year mechanical engineering student at Princeton. At that time, his father (a founder of a pharmaceutical contract research company) mentioned that he would love to see someone come up with a device that automated blood draws to help research companies do their jobs easier.

That was a light bulb moment for Harris, who loved the idea because it involved computer vision and robotics. He eventually built a prototype during that year and in 2010, he co-founded Veebot with some help from his father.

How Does Veebot Work?

To use this robot system, a patient puts his or her arm through an archway in the machine, which is placed on top of a padded table. The archway is fitted with an inflatable cuff that tightens around the arm, working like a tourniquet as it restricts blood flow and makes the veins more visible.

Infrared light then illuminates the areas, allowing cameras to take images of the surrounding area and compare veins against vein anatomy models. After this, the machine then chooses the best vein for puncturing and uses untrasound to confirm that it is large enough and has sufficient blood. Once this is confirmed, the robot simply aligns the needle and sticks it in the chosen vein.

This whole process takes just one minute, with the technician being there to oversee the process and attach the IV bag or appropriate test tube.

Today, the machine has an 83% accuracy rate, which is comparable to the average phlebotomist. Veebot wants to further their testing until they reach a 90% rate before they start doing clinical trials. This may take several months of further research and testing.

Will VeeBot Displace Phlebotomists?

Analysts believe that the time is indeed right for a machine like this to make its way to the market.

This new technology can definitely help – especially in blood drawing for research purposes, which require multiple extractions from hundreds of people, day in and day out. Likewise, VeeBots are extremely helpful for many difficult cases, where even the best phlebotomist may end up missing veins several times.

The downside, and the biggest challenge here, however is human psychology. Blood extraction is an anxiety inducing process, and it is usually the human touch of many phlebotomists that help individuals and children go through the process with ease. In fact, getting into the field requires more than just tech skills and precision, it also has a heavy demand for social and soft skills. These are things that robots cannot provide.
Thus, the success of VeeBot still relies on the end users. If people do not want a robot drawing blood from them, then nobody will definitely want to use a robot, but when they see that it is faster, better and more efficient then the demand for the machine will definitely be high.

With research and testing still going on, we most likely won’t be seeing VeeBots in clinics and laboratories anytime soon and should not be a problem if you’re looking forward to a career in phlebotomy right now.

Geek Out On Your Health With Technology

If you’ve spent some time around this blog you’ll see that I have a passion for technology and using it in a way that improves my life. I also take a strong interest in keeping healthy through working out regularly with different activities and eating a healthy diet.

As technology is advancing, these two two different entities in my life are starting to merge. Technology, meet health tracking. Health tracking, meet my good friend technology. Recently I have loved diving into these merging fields to see how it can help me live my life more efficiently.

As I mentioned earlier, my health centers around working out regularly and a balanced diet. So how is technology making its way into the health tracking field?

Wearable Trackers

These are devices that you can wear on your body throughout the day that track different body measurements. The most advanced of which is The Basis Carbon Steel Edition. It can automatically detect when the wearer is running, walking or even riding a bicycle. It will measure how many steps you are taking and the distance you are traveling, as well as your total calories burned, heart rate, pulse, skin temperature, skin perspiration and sleep patterns. With all this data it’s very easy to focus on specific patterns in your day to day life to make sure you are getting the optimum fitness for your individual goals.

Phone Apps

As I go though my different workouts sometimes it’s hard to get motivated or I get bored doing the same routine over and over. One of my favorite apps to help combat this is Fitocracy. The app turns your workouts into a competition with others, it also allows you to see other workouts that people using the app are doing so you don’t have to worry about running out of ideas. Also, if you’re new to working out, you might not be sure where to even start. Fitocracy takes all of the guess work out of it by suggesting routines for you.

Although, if you’re a beginner I have a few tips for you as well. First, I highly suggest getting a personal trainer for at least a little bit to make sure all of your techniques are good so you can prevent any injures from improper form.

Second, I also suggest supplementation to make sure you get the most out of your time at the gym. One of my newly found supplements for getting the most out of my gym time are pre workout supplements. If you are having trouble deciding on which one to use, I highly recommend c4 pre workout.

Using all of these tips and integrating technology into your everyday health goals should make achieving your goals much easier because it takes much of the guess work out of it for you with all of the data that is available to you to pinpoint where you’re going wrong, or where you’re going right. Good old technology, always making things easier for its users and I’m so stoked the move is starting to shift into the health realm.

Happy fitness and happy technology!

The Latest Innovations in the Lawn Mower Industry

Modern advancements in engineering have given product manufacturers a plethora of ways to improve their product line. This does not exclude the lawn mower industry. 

In the olden days, it was very easy to shop for a lawn mower. All you needed to do was head to your nearest home center and tell the SA that you want a mower for your home. Nowadays however, you have a wide range to choose from. Before we delve into that, let's talk a bit about the history of lawn mowers.

Before there were lawn mowers, farmers and gardeners used scythes to cut grass. If you have ever held a scythe, you can just imagine how hard it was to wield let alone cut grass evenly. Needless to say, lawns were not very polished back then. The first ever lawnmower was invented in England in 1827.

This was a push type lawn mower with a wrought iron frame and cast iron wheels and cylinder. Yes, it was heavy to push around but definitely better than using a scythe. But the blades of the mower was pretty small thus, it still took a lot of time to mow an entire lawn.

Lawn mowers these days are a far cry from what they were back then. Sure, reel mowers are quite similar to its ancestor in terms of operation because it needs to be pushed manually in order to work. According to reel mower reviews however, the push or reel mowers in the market today are very light and easy to maneuver. This is probably because frames are no longer made of wrought iron. Rather, they are a mixture of aluminum steel and plastic. Also, wheels are not made of cast iron but of rubber.

There are also gas and electric mowers available. Let's discuss gas lawn mowers a bit further. Although this type of lawn mower is the least environmentally friendly, it still outranks the others in lawn mower reviews. Why? Well, it gets the job done fast and efficiently. Plus, it is economical.

Lawn mower manufacturers have been trying to improve their own versions of a gas lawn mower for many years now. Although they have certainly found a way to improve its engine performance, they are still unable to address the problem of noise and toxic fumes. When you think about it, these problems are directly connected to the fact that the equipment runs on gas. In my honest opinion, this concern is beyond lawn mower manufacturer's reach because unless someone somewhere invents an alternative to gas (aside from electricity, of course), these problem can't be addressed. The good news is that the solution may come within a couple of years. Take a look at hybrid cars for example, about 15 years ago the idea was just a concept but now, hybrid cards are being mass produced. I guess it would just take a little time for lawn mower manufacturers to come up with a hybrid mower.

Overall, I am delighted about the many technological advancements that tools like lawn mowers have undergone. After all, I've benefited a lot from it. One thing that scares me though is the fact that we humans are not far off from living lives completely dependent on electronics. In a decade or two, we might not have to lift a single finger for house chores. However, having a robot fetch me a glass of water is not something I am comfortable with just yet.

Travelling Meets Technology: Making the Most of Both

One of the things I like to do as often as I can is travel. It doesn’t necessarily have to be some exotic, far away destination that only a handful of mere mortals have been to. In fact, most of the time, it is not. Not only because of my budget constraints, but because I like discovering places that have been overlooked by others and don’t have such a high-profile reputation. In fact finding these hidden gems gives me some kind of smug satisfaction of knowing something that others don’t. To be honest, it’s a great feeling but it’s even better when you visit a place that exceeds your expectations many times over. Since this is my personal blog about life meeting technology, you might ask: “Where’s the tech bit?”

The tech bit is how I get to those places in the first place. Before I go and pack up my stuff, I go online and try to find some plane or bus tickets. I can also book the place where I will be staying at, which saves me a ton of money if I book several months in advance. But that’s not the only bit where technology helps. If I’m driving there, I will use GPS, since my sense of direction equals that of Bugs Bunny. It also saves me the embarrassment of looking like a tourist, which I am, and asking for directions or which sights to visit while I’m there.

The biggest problem I’m facing is the fact that a healthy lifestyle, which I try to follow, doesn’t always go hand in hand with traveling. I don’t have time to go through my usual exercise routine and I need a workout that won’t take up too much of my time. If I’m lucky enough that my hotel has a gym, I will always look for an elliptical trainer as they give me enough versatility and flexibility to do most of the routines I usually do, and keep me from turning into a slob, which has been known to happen. Never used an elliptical machine – check out here – a website all about the top elliptical machines, with workout information and reviews and videos, pretty cool stuff. But I digress!

Finally, I try to bring a little of every place I have visited with me in the shape of a photograph or a video. Memories are great but they tend to fade away and having a camera with me to capture some of that helps me bring up those memories. Also, one piece of advice while we’re on the subject. Try not to overdo it with the snapshots. That’s not why you’re there. You’re there to relax and gather new experiences, and you might miss out on both if you are too concerned with capturing just about anything you can get your lens on. After all, all this useful tech stuff is supposed to be there because of us, not the other way around and a lot of people tend to forget that. Go out and live your life to the fullest and consider modern technology just the icing on that particular cake. Thanks for stopping by!

Modern Health Care and Finance Management

Your health and financial affairs happen to be two of the most important aspects of your livelihood, and it always pays to keep abreast of both of them. With the emergence of the Internet and other computer-related innovations, it is now more than ever, convenient and cost effective using technology to manage your finances and health.

Effective Management of Your Healthcare
Thanks to what is known as Health IT, you can now be in an excellent position to access all your pertinent medical data from one central database. This can naturally significantly reduce the amount of paperwork you have to plow through whenever you want to access any medical services such as routine tests, medications and so on. It also greatly minimizes the errors that are rampant with written medical data. As all your health information is stored and regularly updated electronically by your physician. And he or she can relay them to other healthcare providers that you consult such as laboratory technicians, imaging experts or any other specialist that you might need to consult. Even the people who do the medical billing and coding have an easier time with digital records in a central location. As their salaries suggest, this career is becoming more and more in high demand!

Health IT Can Help You Avoid Going Over the Same Medical Tests
Healthcare technology can also significantly minimizes the costs you would ordinarily have to foot for the same tests when you consult different doctors. As all your medical data is stored in one location that any concerned healthcare provider can readily access. This can go a long way in improving the quality of your healthcare and even that of your family. Due to the fact that important information such as drug allergies, previous illness and even problems with drug interactions can be clearly established.

Electronic Transmission of Your Prescriptions
Via what is called e-Prescribing, your doctor can electronically relay your prescriptions electronically to your pharmacy. This reduces the likelihood of the latter department misreading your physician’s handwriting, and supplying you with the wrong medication.

Convenient, Effective and Time Efficient Management of Your Finances
When it comes to managing your finances there is a plethora of computer applications that can assist you in such endeavors. Some of the most advanced financial software can effortlessly keep abreast with all transactions that are made on your various bank accounts like checking or even savings. Not to mention your credit and debit cards transactions. All in real-time. This can obviously significantly reduce the amount of paperwork you would have to go through when assessing your financial affairs, while also reducing the time you spend doing so.

Since I have started taking care of all of this business online, I have had significant extra time in my life. I spent a day last week in the woods hanging trail cameras instead of traveling to 3 different banks in 3 different cities!

Accurate Financial Planning and Budgeting
Most of these applications have very accurate and intuitive budgeting functionalities that can assist you in cutting costs, and effectively save money for your future aspirations.

E-Banking Services
Apart from this, most banks offer e-banking solutions that are geared to make the lives of their clients more convenient. For instance, you can effortlessly pay most of your bills and utilities online, and even setup alerts to monitor your bank accounts’ balances. Most of these financial establishments can also send you e-Statements from wherever you might be.

Embracing Technology In Sport

Over the past two decades there have been significant advances in technology used to enhance sports performance. Video and statistical data analysis has provided a more objective way for players and coaches to decide how to improve performance. It has also led to advances in team selection decision making and even sports betting.  Below you can learn more about how technology is used in increasing sports performance and some of the key benefits.

The Sports Performance Analysis Process

There are a number of steps involved with sports performance analysis. The process can be described as following:

Step one: Performance or practice

The analysis process begins with the performance or practice by the individual athlete or team. During the sporting event or practice the event is filmed using recording equipment.

Step two: Post performance discussion

Following the performance or practice there will be discussion between the coach, analyst and the player. During this discussion the coach or the player will explains what they want to see extracted from the analysis data.

Step three: Analysis of performance

Next both qualitative and quantitative analysis of the data will be performed. Quantitative analysis will include any statistics or other numerical data which can be evaluated from the performance. Quantitative data is non-numerical data such as video footage. These two types of data are combined to give an overall picture of the performance by the athlete.

Step Four : Feedback

Next based on the data provided feedback will be given to the player and coach. This can be shared in a number of different ways including presentations, media files or paper copies.

Step Five: Implementation

Based on the analysis that occurred changes will be implemented to the athletes training. This will aim to remedy any weaknesses that have been identified and to reinforce any positive elements.

Key benefits of using sports than performance analysis

Identifying and eliminating weaknesses – Sports performance analysis technology allows individuals and teams to record themselves while performing their sport. This can then be viewed by both the coach and the player to identify weaknesses. Once witnesses have been identified a plan can be created to improve this area. Enabling the athlete to see the exact problem areas that coach has identified can make it much easier to understand how to make improvements.

Objective analysis of performance – Before sports performance analysis much of what went into improving performance will be based on intuition and experience rather than objective data. Using sports performance analysis athletes and coaches are able to see exactly how changes to training or nutrition are effecting the athlete’s performance.

Overcome human fallibility- One of the problems with traditional approaches to improving sports performance is that human memory has natural limitations. Research into this area has shown that coaches are typically only able to recall about 50% of the games key events. This limits the scope for making improvements in the future. With sports performance analysis video 100% of the sporting event can be captured and analyzed.

Provide positive reinforcement – Sports performance analysis technology is not just about identifying and eliminating negative traits. It is also about reinforcing those things that the athlete is doing well. This can be both a mental boost and a way of further reinforcing when an athlete is performing something correctly.

Sports performance analysis has transformed the way that athletes have their performances improved. This technology overcomes the key problem of coaches noticing and remembering all of the key events that occur within training or during a match. Video analysis provides an objective way to analyze and improve the future performance without missing any critical details.

How Advancement In Technology Has Impacted Lives Positively

Healthcare has improved greatly with advancement in technology. Technology has brought about great breakthroughs in treatments, research , information gathering, and communication . This has, in turn, provided medical providers with new tools to work with and new ways to practice medicine which were not there before. The following are some of the ways in which technology has improved my life.

The Internet

The internet in now one of the biggest source of information related to health. This includes looking for symptoms, exploring treatments and alternative medications on the web. However, it has given patients the ability to make decisions concerning the next course of action on health issues.

Reaching Patients Using Social Media

Health care facilities including public clinics, hospitals, research facilities, and doctors offices are now using social media to reach wider populations .Social media is helping establish contact with patients, launch public awareness campaigns, perform community outreach, and answer questions from patients. Some organizations have established websites that offer instant chats with doctors and nurses concerning medical issues. Such sites are also used to remind patients to go for their regular vaccines and important tests. These sites include Facebook and Twitter among others.

Better Methods of Treatment

This is the most profound way in which technology has changed healthcare. Advancement in technology has greatly impacted on healthcare by providing new machines, treatments, and medicines that have saved millions of lives as well as improving the chances of recovery for many people.

Sophisticated medical practices, through modern technology, not only help people heal directly, but have also improved research to enable experts Make health care even more affordable.

An example of the newest machines in the medical field include the Cart Base Ultrasound machine. It is used by doctors to examine a mother and her unborn baby for any health complications that may negatively affect delivery. This machine generates the images of the unborn baby and also the mother’s vital organs. An advanced version of this machine was launched by Philips and it is known as Visiq.

This new version is very light weighing only 1.2 kilograms. It is also easy to carry around since it is designed in a tablet form. It is easily detached from its stand and can be carried in an ordinary bag.

The features of this new version make it ideal for doctors in rural areas who can easily carry it with them to remote locations where health care is not readily accessible.

Improved Patient Care and Efficiency

Use of information technology has greatly improved patient care making it more safe and reliable. Doctors and nurses now use hand- held computers to ensure that they are giving the correct treatment and to record the medical history a patient. Medicine orders, results of laboratory tests, and records of vital signs are electronically fed into the main database for future references. The adaptation of electronic health records by many institutions have made it easier for patients to access their own medical information. This helps them understand better what is being done to them.

These electronic databases are also helping in consolidating large amounts of information that is being used for medical research. This leads to more breakthroughs.

Telemedicine and Improved Services by Doctors

With just the touch of a smartphone , doctors are able to access many pages of medical records. They are also able to use online medical database to refer to case studies, as well as make sure that their patients are properly medicating.

Technology has also made it possible for doctors to use e-mails, videos, texts, and conference facilities to consult other doctors from all over the world. This is known as telemedicine and it very useful for doctors who operate in rural areas. Telemedicine was used quite successfully following the earthquake in Haiti in 2010