How I Keep Fit With All My Computer Work

During the day I usually do a lot of work on the computer, but we all know the way sitting at your desk the whole day can affect our body. However, I believe in taking care of myself and keeping my body fit and healthy. I understand the importance of it and that how good I feel depends on it. That is why I always try to maintain a balanced diet and have an every day rigorous exercise routine.

If you are like me and spend most of your workday not actively but working behind a computer, then maybe the following tips that I use myself to keep fit will also be useful to you.

  1. Morning runs. Every day I start with a jog around the park near my home. I believe that a morning run is a perfect start for a morning. It helps me to stay fit and fills me with energy for the whole day.
  2. Drinking lots of water. We all know about drinking enough water every day. At the same time I try to stay away from sodas, coffee and alcohol, though I could never say no to my regular morning coffees.
  3. I follow a Paleo diet. Our health depends on what we eat, that is why I mostly include natural produce in my diet. Most of my meals consist of farmed, natural and locally grown produced. You can try out many different Paleo recipes. You can make up your own or use online resources, like the that has a lot of information to help you with that. The Paleo diet can help to loose weight, then maintain it a healthy level.
  4. Every 30 minutes or so I make a break and stretch and take a little walk around the room.  It can be just a couple of minutes, just get those muscles moving. I can make a break to make a call and walk around while talking on the phone. Or sometimes during those couple of minutes, I’ll just stand up and do some dancing to my favorite tune, which makes a good break not for just the body but also for the mind.
  5. Take walks at lunchtime or after work. For lunch I often like going out to meet some friends and on the way I prefer doing some walking. Even if I am lunching at home, I’ll go out to just walk around the block or around the nice park that I have right by my place. And if the weather is nice I also get some natural sunlight while walking.
  6. Maintain my hobbies. My work usually takes a lot of my time. I sometimes I work late into the night. However, I never forget to maintain my hobbies to keep myself active. I still like to go out for a nice bike around my area whenever I get the time in the evenings. The work sometimes keeps me busy even on weekends, but whenever I can and when the weather is perfect I try to go out of town for hiking and some time with the nature.


Startup ShipHawk Aims To Make Shipping Process Seamless

A tech shipping startup known as ShipHawk aims to turn the shipping world on it’s head by providing seamless shipping integration online stores and large item auction houses. They’veexpaned their carrier network which is currently supporting over sixty regional and national carriers. Some of these carriers include, blanket wrap, LTL, courier, small parcel and intermodal transportation providers like Roadrunner Transportation, Greyhound, Justo blanket wrap delivery service and Pilot Freight Service while naming a few.

Shipping has long been a stressing, hard, complex and even difficult activity for those who have had an opportunity to engage in it. For this reason, ShipHawk is fully committed to simplify shipping process for anyone and everyone. Having some shipping experience, I know first hand how much of a headache it is to ship pretty much any large item.

Seting up a shipment is fast and easy. It take just a few minutes, depending on how many items you’re shipping. ShipHawk takes care of it regardless of whether your item is pakced or not. With the extension of the carrier network, the company aims at bridging the gap between the carrier and the shippers.

The company, through CTO, Aaron Freeman, has also announced that new and current customers have equal chances to access the on demand shipping and packing information. By doing so, customers will enjoy a shipping experience that not only meets but exceeds their expectations.

With ShipHawk, the user only informs the company what they’re shipping and leaves the rest to the ShipHawk staff to carry out. ShipHawk has steamlined the process and in order to attempt to lower the cost of transporting goods from one place to another. This whole process has now become easy for anyone with any shipping experience to use. This has greatly streamlined the shipping process.

The user gets a chance to decide whether they want to book the job immediately or they want to compare rates from other areas that this company suggests getting quotes from. You don’t have to worry about how to pack stuff or how to organize the delivery process, this is all taken care of.

ShipHawk is located in Santa Barbara, CA. It is a Starup Tech Company that seeks to simplify the process of comparing and finding shipping and packaging rates. They offer a simple shipping experience by making options accessible and transparency. This is in regardless of how much you are shipping or whom you are.

For their system to match your shipping requirements with optimal carrier, ShipHawk accumulates logistics and transportation data from umpteen local, national and regional shipping carriers. If you would compare packaging combinations, mode alternatives, truck routes, lane imbalances, times among others you would realize that this company has the best deals when it comes to shipping.

The ShipHawk crew is doing all they can by combining all their efforts in order to offer the best to shippers. They are also aiming at making things easy in this industry to make the shipping process simple, economical and time saving.

How Can the Internet Help You Choose Your Career?

Higher education, today, is becoming more of a civil right than a privilege which is why so many people are enrolled in some college, seeking higher education. If the lack of proper career counseling information which was so typical half a century ago had kept up, today’s diversity of careers would mean that there was an even higher probability of people getting into the wrong field and ending up unhappy with their career. Thankfully, this isn’t the case because of the internet, which has brought together information and people in a manner which never ceases to amaze, as I can affirm from personal experience.

Being the type of person who can’t make a firm decision on their own, I was in a state of utter confusion upon graduating from high school without a fixed career planned for my professional life. There was a lot of psychological pressure on me due to many of my friends going off to colleges to study law, medicine and business. I figured that I should get a move on and pick out a career for myself but wasn’t sure how to go about that – all I knew was that it should be something that was both enjoyable and educational for me, like specializing in a hobby. For me, the ideal college education would have something to do with my pastime of tinkering with old guns – I didn’t want to be a lawyer, doctor or manager just because it was the fashionable thing to do.

With such a unique requirement for my degree, it was naturally hard to find good career advice from the traditional sources – there were no friends or family who had any information so I turned to the Internet and was amazed at the amount of guidance available specific to my chosen career path. I discovered whole forums dedicated to gunsmithing and gun collection where real life professionals and hobbyists answered my queries as to where I should go to earn a gunsmithing college degree. Not only this, there were many schools who detailed their gunsmithing programs on their websites but since I was a total newcomer as far as weighing the pros and cons of smithing schools, I turned my attention to actually learning something about what it means to be a professional gunsmith. The internet, with its vast sea of information, didn’t fail to disappoint here either since a simple search engine query revealed a vast collection of websites dedicated towards guiding total novices who aspired to become gunsmiths. Not only did these websites explain the basics requirements for becoming a gun expert, they also detailed the professional aspects of gunsmithing, including potential salaries associated with various specializations in the field and even entrepreneurial guides on how to kick start one’s gunsmithing business. In just one week, I knew more about this profession than I ever had before in my life and was all set to send out application letters to several gunsmithing colleges all over the country – I was able to choose the ones that were right for me because of the detailed information and reviews that were available on the internet. For an excellent resource on gunsmithing and gunsmithing schools, click here.

To sum up my experiences, technology has progressed to the point where, provided you show some commitment, you can plan out your entire higher education from the comfort of your home. In my case, I found everything from guidance on the best gunsmithing schools to the best air mattress’s for my dorm room from simple search engine searches on the internet!

How To Use A Gun Safes App To Manage Your Guns

It seems just about everybody in the US nowadays owns a weapon. In fact it’s more likely that if you own a weapon you actually own several of them if not more.

Here in the US gun ownership is on the up and up. More and more people are feeling the need to purchase a firearm, or a number of firearms, for personal protection, or for other uses, for example because they are a sporting shooter who enjoys hunting.

Modern technology is producing all sorts of solutions to various problems, and one of these solutions is a new app, called Gun Safe, which can be used to track your firearms on your phone.

Of course the term “gun safe” does not refer to an app but to a particular type of safe which is used to store firearms securely under lock and key. Every firearm owner should have a gun safe to lock up their weapons when not in use.

Firearms, obviously, are extremely dangerous and should always be responsibly locked away if not being used. Every firearms owner should purchase a quality gun safe to do so. If in doubt about which gun safe to purchase read some quality gun safe reviews at

Our personal preference is Stack-On gun safes, see, however as long as you purchase a quality gun safe all is good.

However this app is also called “Gun Safe” which is a little confusing as it does not refer to the physical gun safes. It is in fact an app which you can use to store data about all your various firearms so that you have the data available to you on your phone.

What can you store on your gun safe app?

Wouldn’t it be handy to know exactly how much ammunition you had left at any one time? You’re out in the guns store and you’re wondering whether or not you need to purchase more ammunition. Pull out your phone and there is all the data of exactly how much ammunition you have left for each weapon.

Wouldn’t it be handy to have all the details on your phone of every single weapon that you own? The name of the weapon, a photograph, the serial number, details of licences and so on.

Let’s say your house burned down and you lost all your weapons (which you shouldn’t if you have a high quality fireproof gun safe). You come to claim on the insurance and right there on your phone you have a photograph of every single weapon you own together with all the pertinent details. Wouldn’t that be handy?

Let’s say you’re heading into another state. What are the firearm and CCW weapons laws in that state? Wouldn’t it be handy to just pull out your phone and find out, state by state?

You can achieve all of this, and more, with the Gun Safe app. Simply buy it for a few dollars and load it on your phone and you’re good to go. Spend a little time inputting your data recording each of your firearms, upload a photo, and you’ve got all of your data right there in your hand.

(And remember, if you don’t own a real gun safe then get one straightaway, it’s a very important responsibility on your shoulders if you’re a firearm owner).

How Technologization Improved Hunting Experience

By nature, I am definitely a technology devotee. Technology has changed rapidly for thousands of years, and in more aspects than one. I know that it has definitely made a change for me in one of my favorite hobbies, which is hunting. It is nice to live in a modern society where I, as the hunter, have the upper hand with the advancement of both weapons and clothing.

Technologization improved the hunting experience in a number of ways. Clothing, specifically made for hunting purposes, has advanced over the years in terms of materials. The amalgamation of wool and fleece jackets and pants created with Goretex are amazing. Don’t hesitate to add an orange fleece vest so that you are prepared for the climate shifts. Keep yourself warm or cool with the proper layers of underwear and/or scent control.

Boots insulated with Goretex or Thinsulate will keep your feet warm and protected. Make sure there is scent control. You can tell how warm the boots are by the grams of Thinsulate, the more the merrier! Also, leather is the best material to use for protection and durability. Wool-blended socks should be warn instead of cotton because of sweat.

Cell phones can be used on your hunting trip. It is good for emergencies and to alert your hunting pals about spotted targets. A GPS and compass are great ideas to have included in your smartphone.  Still, bring a handheld GPS to help you get back to camp and inform you about area boundaries between public and private land. Another great capability is that a GPS, depending on its brand, can use SD cards for memory purposes.

Optics are very valuable in hunting. A perfect execution can be made when you can see the game clearly. Enhanced hues and highlighted coatings make close and clear views. Invest in power optics and you will be glad you made the change. For accurate range, save up for a range finder. If you are at a lengthy distance, you can get increased accuracy with this tool.

I love using my rifles to hunt a deer or rabbit for a meal (with potatoes!). Hunting air rifles have great accuracy, especially those with stainless steel barrels. Another advantage? It is easier to clean. The technology behind bullets have improved as well. Avoid cheap ammunition and purchase high-quality rounds. In-depth penetration with the polymer tip bullets and greater expansion is what attract hunters and firearm enthusiasts to purchase them.

If you do not want to use a rifle, look into bows. They can be lightweight and can make a hit up to 100 yards. All you need is the right bow and you will be able to hit your target. This is a complete difference compared to a decade ago. The advancements of technology is evident each time we see new capabilities.

Times have truly changed so rapidly in only a few years. The changes made in the world of hunting has been beneficial in terms of preparation and better shooting technique. Also, tools such as GPSs and cell phones can allow us to look through areas and keep in contact with fellow hunters. This adventurous hobby of mine allows me to combine hunting and technology, two of my most favorite things in the world, and have pure fun.

The “Tech” Behind High Tech Home Security Systems

There is something really cool on my mind today that I need to share. I’m always writing about the cool stuff I get to play around with and places I go and with all that travelling you might be wondering how I keep an eye on things and make sure it is all safe and sound. Well I’m going to share the awesome tech that does just that, and along with protecting my home and myself from danger, does some really cool stuff.

Security is a really important concern, one of the basics according to the hierarchy of needs in fact. Today we have many security concerns from home security to personal, online, financial and concerns about how to be safe in different countries, while on vacation and while doing just about anything including simply walking down the street. If you listen to a lot of the news that airs these days you might be scared senseless and afraid to even go outside. While I don’t think it is as bad as all that, there are still concerns I have about safety and security and one of the ones I know I can do something about is home security, which is one of the things I often worry about when I’m away for a bit.

A security system, with all the sensors, detectors and panels is a big project to take on and so before I took on the challenge of getting my own I got the expert opinions and comparisons on the best home alarm systems from sites like and other industry leaders, as well as doing my own personal research of the companies themselves (ie. LifeShield, FrontPoint, etc) and now I can share with you all the awesome details I learned about the tech that goes into protecting a home.

First off are the sensors. There are the normal ones that have been around for a while, the magnetic window/door open sensors and the motion detectors but there are also some pretty cool ones that you might not know about if you haven’t had a security system in a while. First are the glass break sensors, the updated way to protect windows from the old open/close sensors, and let’s be honest, unless you leave the window open or unlocked a criminal is much more likely to just break the glass than open the window. These sensors are cool because they can protect an entire room and they work via sound detection which is pretty neat. They work by detecting two sounds that go along with glass breaking, first they detect a “thud” sound, then a “smash” sound. A lot of new technology went into making these effective and they are one of the coolest new sensors available, very effective and much simpler than the old method, plus they work on windows that don’t open, such as those in and around doors, which are frequently targeted.

The next high tech upgrade that modern alarm systems have over old varieties is the ability to remote access via smartphones, tablets and PCs. They basically give you full control over your system from anywhere, plus allow you to check video cameras, motion detection cameras and other functions from anywhere. The video cameras are especially cool, with the pan-and-tilt variety being the most interesting. You can manually manipulate this kind of camera to check a wide range, even right above or below, depending how it is mounted.

This mobile integration leads right into the next, and probably most interesting part of the system, and that is the home automation aspect. Home automation is exactly what it sounds like, it allows you to automate those annoying tasks that need to be done but are often forgotten. Most notably are the thermostat and lights. I can set my thermostat to different temperatures depending on if I’m at home, asleep or out of the house, which saves money. The lights are great for vacationing as I can have them come on at night to make it look like I’m home, which is pretty standard, but I can also change the time they come on and off from my phone. I can even hook the timers up to other appliances to have them come on at specific times as well, so a window air condition can come on a few minutes before I get home to cool things down or I can have it turn on the TV along with the lights when I’m away to really throw anyone off who might be looking for an easy mark.

I can’t cover every cool piece of equipment or interesting use here, but there are a few more I think you should check out here if you’re looking for the best home alarm system and want to know just how to install and use all the functions to their best. Now that I’m setup I find that I worry less when I’m away and feel more sleep when I lay down at night too, all in all a great investment.

Must Have Social Networking Android Apps in 2014

Social networking is now the most common way that people communicate while online. Billions of people all around the globe have an account with at least one of the biggest social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. As a matter of fact, a lot of social media users access their accounts through mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The following social apps are the must have social networking Android apps in 2014. They provide social site users with an alternative way to communicate and interact with family and friends online.

Yik Yak
Yik Yak is an app that allows a person to keep track of posts, comments and uploads that is made by social media users within a particular location. Users can vote on the feeds or information that is good and reject the information that is bad. People can spread funny jokes, stories and lively moments with the use of Yik Yak. People who use Yik Yak can send out their posts in real time and let people know what is going on right at that particular moment in time.

Snapchat is a unique app that allows friends or family members to share photos and videos in real time. A person could take a photo while they are chatting with a friend and then immediately send it to their mobile device or compute. Once their friends receives their picture they can either save it with a screen shot or let it dissolve. People can use certain features on the app to send videos back and forth while they chat. All they need to do is press the live chat button in order to use this feature, Snapchat is a great app to use at places such as a party, special event or concert.

Azar is a video chat app that features global communications on a personal level. With Azar people can contact and speak with people from all over the globe. Users are available in places such as the U.S., Japan, South America, Wales, Saudi Arabia and even the Congo. Once a person finds a friend they can then use the chat app feature. Once a person connects with a friend they can then add them to the top of their screen and use video callback and text messaging features. Since direct one-on-one video communication is the whole purpose of Azar, people will no longer have to search through profiles in order to find friends. They can just look at someone’s picture and then connect to them though Azar’s video feature to start a conversation.

Avocado is an app that has been designed for husbands and wives, couples and lovers. This app provides users with private video and text features that allow two people to communicate privately and securely. People can send each other private notes, messages, poems and romantic gestures without having to worry about other people seeing what they are saying or doing. In order for this app to work, both parties must download and install Avocado. Lovers can send their coordinates to each other phone with this app and they can also check their lover’s battery power to make sure they have enough juice to keep sending love notes all night long.

SCVNGR is a social media app that allows players to compete for points and prizes. Users that play SCVNGR will be given a series of challenges that they will have to complete and once they finish these events they will be able to earn awards. Awards could be gift cards, points for products and special offers. Friends and family can get together to play this game and have lots of fun trying to complete contests and solve problems.

All of these Android apps are free to install and they provide users with a new way to connect with new people and to stay in touch with friends and family. They can easily be installed by visiting Google Play with your Android smartphone. If you don’t have access to Google Play for some reason, you could visit, the best resource site for APK app files. Just search for your desired application on that site and follow download and installation instructions.

How GPS Helps Drivers Get to Places Quicker and Safer

GPS equipment and devices are commonly used inside of many automobiles and even inside motorcycle helmets. This technology is designed to help drivers to reach their destinations in a quick and efficient manner. Here is a list of GPS features that can be used to safely and efficiently guide drivers while they are out on the road.

Pinpointing an Exact Location

GPS technology has the ability to pinpoint a person’s exact location in relation to a map and has been especially helpful in the truck driving industry for new drivers learning the ropes. This feature is very important for drivers because it can help them to track their position in real-time while they travel. When a driver knows where they are at they can drive more confidently and decisive.

Plotting Routes

Motorist can now use their GPS units to plot the fastest way to get to a place. This feature is important because it will help people to save time and gas when they travel to a location. Drivers have to put in the information about a particular location and their equipment will give them data about the fastest way to reach that point.

Traffic Information

Advance GPS technology allows motorists to receive updates from news announcements from the web about traffic problems and issues. Once a unit receives this information it could then alert a driver to a potential problem out on the road.

Safety Camera Identification

Motorist can use their GPS units to avoid being ticketed by safety cameras. Updated GPS technology is able to provide this feature by using satellites and sensors to detect the locations of stationary safety cameras. When a driver accesses an area with a camera the unit can be set to inform him about its location and position.

Locating Places of Interest

GPS units have the ability used to track the locations of restaurants, movie theaters and night clubs within an area. This way motorists can find what they are looking for without having to struggle to find a place of interest. GPS units can provide drivers in different cities with directions that they will need to find a specific location.

Nighttime Driving and GPS Technology

GPS technology gives drivers the ability to ride on the road more efficiently during night-time hours. Vehicle operators will be able to safely navigate dark roads road by following their location as it unfolds across an electronic map in real-time. Motorists will be able to detect turns and curves long before they appear. This feature can even help people to drive through bad weather.

GPS Communication

Advanced GPS units have the ability to communicate with drivers in real-time. They can even tell them if they are driving in the wrong lane on a city street. GPS units with the ability to communicate can be used to call for help and can give directions or information in real-time.

A good GPS unit is a great feature to have for people who do a lot of driving and they are also good for recreational use. GPS technology really does work to help people to reach their destinations in the shortest time possible with safety in mind.

How to Promote a Home Business Online

Photo by nikcname

There is no doubt when it comes to the power of online marketing campaigns. Some small business owners who have launched an online campaign ended up as with huge success and have already expanded their business. Thus, if you have a home business and you wish to promote it, then go for an online campaign. If this is your first time to do such type of advertising campaign, here are some tips that you can follow:

  • Host your own blog site. This is where you will write things related to your business. You will then inject the link to your main website so that those who will read your blog will be redirected to your business’ website and know more about your business. Update the blog as often as possible so you can maintain the loyalty of your followers.
  • Maximize the use of social media. You understand just how powerful social media is. By creating an account in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you can post updates about your business including some promotions that you offer to the people. You also need to update these accounts so people will find them useful or else they will unfollow you.
  • Buy an ad. Take a look at websites where your potential clients might be reading. Then, you can buy a spot where you can post your ads related to your business. If they find it interesting, then will click on it and will eventually go to your website.
  • Be a local celebrity. Find ways for you to be popular in your local area. Attend social gatherings, be interviewed in a local magazine or newspaper and join local activities that aim at helping other people. You can use your publicity in this event to advertise your business. In fact, you don’t have to do anything other than be present. People will then acknowledge you and it will help your business a lot. They will then update everything online and this will positively impact your business.

These are just a few of the ways that you can follow in order to make a massive impact online. Just remember not to annoy your potential clients or else they will not patronize your business. Most of all, you have to stay active. Online campaigns need to be consistent. If possible, you have to find someone to maintain all your accounts and let people know about your business as often as possible.

Visit this website and find out easy ways how to make money,

How Technology Can Make Our Lives, And Us, Better

Technology has, without a doubt, improved our quality of life significantly. Okay, so maybe I’m not the best person that should be saying this because I’m an absolute tech nerd, but really, modern technology has given us so much. For instance, we are able to communicate with each much easier than we were able to 20 or 30 years ago. Just think how much cell phones help us on a daily basis, whether it’s for business or personal matters. And not just cell phones. High-speed internet, coupled with software such as Skype, has enabled us to communicate with just about anyone on the globe. To be fair, you could have done that before, but you would have probably had a stroke at the end of the month when you had received your telephone bill. Nowadays, you can talk for free for as long as you want.

Also, if you want to buy something, it is available for you online, and all you have to do is click on that tiny “Buy” button, and it will be delivered to you in a matter of hours or days. But, those are just some of the creature comforts we have come to embrace as something normal. The internet can also be used to help others, and not just ourselves. It is the perfect medium to spread the word or raise awareness about a certain issue or a problem.

I was recently doing some research into medical careers and came across a range of websites with tons of information about different medical careers and salaries – like – it covered several nurse specialties including Registered Nurses and Nurse Practitioners. Another site – here – dealt specifically with becoming a medical assistant, covering lots of salary data. The point is – in a very short time I had gathered a massive amount of information, my research was made incredibly quick and easy thanks to the internet!

It doesn’t have be nursing or medical careers, you can connect with people in your line of work, regardless of what you do, just by doing a simple thing such as creating a group on Facebook, writing your own blog, or starting up a website, or better yet, a forum.

It is things like that that help people connect with each other, share experiences and expertise, and even make them decide to do something that can have a significant positive impact. All they have to do is take their collective knowledge, which can be considerable, and apply it to achieve a certain goal or a mission.

Furthermore, the internet is one big library, with vast amounts of knowledge. You can pretty much learn anything, if you put enough effort into it. I, for one, have learned to speak a new language, solely though courses, books and materials I found on the internet. I even managed to improve my accent, by meeting some native speakers online, and chatting with them on Skype. And it doesn’t have to be a foreign language. It’s even better if you are more oriented toward visual arts, such as design, drawing, photography or cinematography.

There is a whole mountain of useful and informative content if you are into that kind of stuff. It may even help you discover a talent you didn’t even know you had, which can eventually become a career. If not, there’s always the satisfaction of learning something new, and that is still pretty cool in my book.

How the use of a water softener has saved me considerable time and money around the house

Your home is your biggest liability for a number of reasons, but the one which always gets me is maintenance costs. It seems like it’s a never ending job when it comes to keeping your house in good shape, costing you money, and time in the process.
You will be happy to know that there are certain technologies that make house maintenance a little less painful, for example, have you go your hands on an automatic vacuum robot yet? It’s my duty to share what I’ve been benefiting from, and how you can too.
My latest discovery: The water softening system.

How I decided to install a water softener

One day while I was on all fours scrubbing the ever-so-present soap scum from my shower screens, I decided I’d had enough set out on a mission to find a cleaning product that would make the task easier and quicker. After a little research and a lot of failed product attempts (I won’t mention names) I was defeated; I could not seem to make the task easier.
During my last trip to Walmart, the cashier suggested that my problem was hard water, and that if I installed a water softener system, my problems would be gone. Was the solution really this simple? I came across and after reading some water softener reviews, made a decision to purchase a salt-based system.

What is a water softener?

A water softener is basically a machine which turns hard water (which is water full of minerals such as magnesium and calcium) into soft water (which is additive-free water). Hard water was my problem; it has a range of negative effects; it leaves soap scum ‘scale’ on all surfaces it touches and damages clothing among other things.

The technology that water softeners use

I went for a salt-based water softening system after discovering that they are the most effective from the 4 choices available. A salt-based system uses technology that exchanges hard water ions for soft water ions, leaving you with soft water in the process. Simple, yet brilliant!

Benefits and how it’s saving me money

Soft water has a range of benefits:

  • Reduces plumbing problems – hard water leaves mineral scale on the inside of your pipes and fixtures, which means after long enough they will become blocked and you will require an expensive visit from the plumber. Soft water, however, does not!
  • Less time and money dealing with soap scum- The soap scum marks you find in your showers and sinks, which was the bane of my existence, are the direct result of a reaction between soap and the minerals found in hard water. Once you have soft water, you’ll find you use less cleaning product and less time, when dealing with soap scum.
  • Appliance shelf life – Hard water will reduce the life of any appliance that uses heated water in its process e.g. dishwashers, hot water systems, and other appliances. I start each day with a fresh nutrient filled juice from my awesome juicing machine which I found at The juicer fanatics (who review the best juicers on the market). I sleep easier at night knowing hard water is no longer damaging my favorite appliances.
  • Softer clothing – Hard water has a terrible effect on clothes you wash with it; they become brittle and lose color. Soft water is ideal for washing your clothes in, and will actually make them last longer.

After about 6 months of running on soft water, I begun to notice considerable short term cost and time savings around my home. I’m yet to see the longer term benefits, but I suspect they will be huge; appliances will last longer and I will require less visits from the plumbing doctor. The best part of this technology is that its maintenance free; once installed, with minimal effort you can realize huge time and cost benefits for years to come.

Taking A Pregnancy Test While Travelling The World.

It’s pretty hard to find any one area of our lives that has not been affected by technology. There are just so many things which a few decades ago was the stuff of a James Bond flick or a sci-fi movie, and today, is a simple convenience that we almost take for granted. Look at emails for example, or skyping friends in different countries. Not too long ago this was stuff only James Bond could pull off with the help of his super gadgets. But we live in a world today where the most amazing technology is right at our fingertips. There are just so many ways that technology makes our lives easier.

And it’s not just the big inventions from Microsoft that have contributed to the simplicity of our daily existence, but there have been so many great little innovations that also deserve a mention. I love the way technology impacts upon the way my father manages his diabetes for example. Those little insulin tests are a brilliant at-home product that just makes his life so much simpler. And have you ever stopped to consider how brilliant a home pregnancy test is?

Last year my girlfriend and I were on holiday in Asia and she had a pregnancy scare. With no doctor around that she had a long standing doctor patient relationship with and trusted enough to consult and following an online pregnancy test calculator, like this, our nerves were soon calmed by her popping into a local drug store in Thailand and purchasing a pregnancy test. And within minutes the answer to our problem was solved.

Now that right there is a modern day technological innovation that we take for granted. I’ve heard though that most people (about fifty two percent of people) don’t really trust the first result that they get from a home pregnancy test. It seems that whenever someone takes one of these tests, they always feel the need to do a follow up test, and then visit a doctor for another test, “just to be sure”. Leading experts however, have gone on record stating that this is entirely unnecessary. Apparently the result you get from these types of home pregnancy tests are highly reliable, as outlined in this guide, and there is really no need for a follow up test for confirmation, as you can just go with that first result and take it as confirmed.

Have you ever wondered how these tests work? I mean think about it, how could these tests possibly come up with a correct answer as to whether you’re going to have a baby or not? Well the answer is scientifically pretty simple. Apparently once a woman is pregnant her body releases a hormone called hCG. Scientists advise that once the egg has been fertilized in the uterus a woman’s body will release this hormone. The at home pregnancy tests are designed to detect this hormone. If your test result is positive you will probably not need to confirm it, as the hormone is clearly present. If however your test result is negative, it may mean that the level of this hormone has not risen high enough to be detected yet, so negative results are less accurate. And that is how it works; simple but brilliant.